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Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Organisers

If you would like to find out more about the Knowledge Organisers and why we use them, please view our presentation here. Below you will find the Knowledge Organisers for the Primary Knowledge Curriculum.

Reception Knowledge Organisers

Michaelmas A
All about me
 Michaelmas B


 Lent A
Lent B
Growing and Changing
Trinity A
Kings and Queens
Trinity B
Stories from the Past

Year 1 Knowledge Organisers

Humanities Science Art
Michaelmas A Spatial Sense The Human Body


Michaelmas B Discovering History Animals and their needs Line
Lent A The UK Seasons and Weather Architecture
Lent B Kings, Queens and Leaders Taking Care of the Earth Style in Art /Narrative Art
Trinity A The Seven Continents Plants Paintings of Children
Trinity B

Parliament and Prime Ministers

Materials and Magnets


Year 2 Knowledge Organisers

Humanities Science Art
Michaelmas A

Spatial Sense

Human Body

Colour and Shape

Michaelmas B

The Romans in Britain

Living Things and their environments

Colour, Shape and Texture

Lent A
The British Isles Electricity Portraits and Self-Portraits
Lent B The Tudors Plants Landscape and Symmetry
Trinity A
Northern Europe Materials and Matter History Painting
Trinity B Powerful Voices Astronomy

Murals and Tapestries

Year 3 Knowledge Organiser

Geography History Science Art
Michaelmas A Spatial Sense Ancient Greece Human Body Line
Michaelmas B Settlements Ancient Greece Cycles in Nature Still Life and Form
Lent A Rivers Anglo-Saxons, the Scots and Vikings Light

Art of Ancient Egypt

Lent B UK Geography The South West Anglo Saxons, Vikings and Scots Plants Anglo-Saxon Art
Trinity A Western Europe Law and power 1154-1272 Rocks Architecture
Trinity B

Asia: India and China

The Wars of the Roses Forces and Magnets Modern Architecture

Year 4 Knowledge Organisers

Geography History Science Art
Michaelmas A Spatial Sense Stone Age to Iron Age Human Body Light
Michaelmas B Mediterranean Europe Ancient Egypt Classification of Plants and Animals Space
Lent A Eastern Europe Life in Ancient Rome Ecology Design
Lent B UK Geography: Northern Ireland The Rise and Fall of Rome Sound Monuments of Ancient Rome
Trinity A UK Geography: London and the South East The Stuarts States of Matter and the Water Cycle Byzantine Monuments
Trinity B

Asia: Japan

The Stuarts


Embroidery, Needlework and Weaving

Year 5 Knowledge Organisers

Geography History Science Art
Michaelmas A Spatial Sense History of Baghdad 900CE Living Things and their Habitats Style in Art
Michaelmas B Mountains  The Early British Empire Materials Islamic Art and Architecture
Lent A East Anglia, Yorkshire and Midlands The French Revolution Human Body Art from Western Africa
Lent B Australia The Transatlantic Slave Trade Meteorology Chinese Painting and Ceramics
Trinity A New Zealand and the South Pacific The Industrial Revolution Astronomy Printmaking
Trinity B Local Study

The Victorian Age


An Introduction to Photography


Geography History Science Art
Michaelmas A Spatial Sense World War 1 Human Body Art in Italian Renaissance
Michaelmas B British Geographical Issues The Suffragettes Classification of Living Things Renaissance Architecture and Sculpture
Lent A North America The Rise of Hitler Electricity Victorian Art and Architecture
Lent B South America World War II Light William Morris
Trinity A Africa The Cold War Reproduction Impressionism and Post Impressionism
Trinity B Globalisation

The History of Human Rights


Art in the 20th Century